• Parents Deserve a "Fair go" in the Workplace

    ACCI CEO welcomes the release of the Australian Human Rights Commission's landmark report for its Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review demonstrating that discrimination against pregnant mothers and working parents is widespread. ACCI says the findings should not be seen so much as a legal issue, but as a community issue. More

  • Work is the Default Option

    Kate Carnell, ACCI CEO, tackles the welfare lobby’s criticism of the McClure Review of Welfare, arguing that jobs must be the default option, and that simply criticising the McClure Report instead of actually engaging on the detail of how to help more people into work was not taking us forward. More

  • One step forward; One step back

    ACCI CEO Kate Carnell has welcomed the Palmer United Party’s decision to repeal the carbon tax, but has raised concerns about the uncertainty surrounding PUP’s commitment to an emissions trading scheme and the retention of the Renewable Energy Target scheme. More