• Productivity Commission Review into the Fair Work Act

    Workplace review a critical step in progressing jobs reforms. ACCI will be looking for recommendations that support a workplace system that can adapt over the long term to key structural drivers of change in the global economy - including shifting demographics, new technologies and innovative ways of conducting business. More

  • Employ Outside the Box

    ACCI continues the call to action to Australian businesses with the launch of 'The Business Case for Employing Indigenous Australians'; the third in a series of Employ Outside the Box employer guides. More


    ACCI congratulates Minister Robb and the Australian Government on the announcement by the Governments of Australia and China on the conclusion of negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between our two countries. This agreement, coupled with the other two, Japan and South Korea, covers a sizable proportion of two way trade and investment for Australia. However, the economic benefits will only be realised if the government delivers on the domestic competitiveness agenda. More