A World of Influence:
The International Voice
of Australian Business

Recognised as Australia's most
representative business association

ACCI speaks on behalf of Australian business at an international level.

We ensure that Australian businesses have both a seat and a voice at the
international table, whether they are  top 100 companies, SME's, contractors
or sole traders.

This service is achieved through our international network of business
associations and National Member Network which speaks for approximately
300,000 businesses nation-wide.


International Chamber of Commerce
& Industry
(ICC) & ICC Australia

The ICC is the global business organisation which represents private sector
interests from every industry around the world.

ACCI is the exclusive Australian affiliate to the ICC and manages ICC Australia.
As such we are the only Australian business association which can provide
Australian business with direct input into the many important global forums at
which the ICC has a seat at the table including:


BIAC and the OECD

BIAC is the gateway for private sector input into the policy deliberations of the
influential Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2011.

The OECD is made up of the world's 34 most industrialised nations. Each member
nation has a national business association which is a member of its Business and
Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC)
. ACCI represents Australian business in this

BIAC develops public policy recommendations in areas ranging from trade
liberalisation and sustainable development to taxation, finance, intellectual
property e-commerce and sustainable development.

Through BIAC, ACCI provides a voice for Australian business at the OECD.

International Organisation of Employers (IOE)

The IOE is the international organisation which promotes and defends the interests
of employers in labour and social policy areas, particularly at the International
Labour Organisation (ILO)

The IOE's membership is comprised of the peak national employer organisations
from 143 countries. ACCI is Australia's representative and plays prominent role in
ensuring that the concerns of Australian business in labour market and labour
relations issues are heard at the ILO.

ACCI's Chief Executive,Peter Anderson is a member of the IOE's Management
, a member of the ILO's Governing Body and global employer
spokesperson for the ILO's Freedom of Association Committee.


Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of
Commerce and Industry (CACCI)

CACCI is a regional network of national chambers of commerce and industry from 29
countries in the Asia and the Western Pacific including Australasia, North Asia, South-
east Asia, South Asia and Central Asia.

CACCI plays a strong policy advocacy role in the region to encourage an enterprise
driven culture where new commercial opportunities can be created.

As Australia's national Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ACCI represents Australia


Confederation of Asia-Pacific Employers (CAPE)    

CAPE is the high level council of regional employer federations established to assist
employers to respond to challenges and opportunities created by globalisation, rapid
technological change and increasingly global labour markets.

ACCI is the voice of Australian employers in the region and our Chief Executive Peter
represents the Pacific sub-region as a Vice Chairman of CAPE.

CAPE is dedicated to the advocacy of economic and social policies which make the
Asia Pacific region a more attractive place to do business and work as we as promoting
better social and economic outcomes for local communities.


International Labour Organisation (ILO)

ACCI is recognised by the United Nations style International Labour Organisation
as the most representative Australian employer body. ACCI's Chief Executive
Peter Anderson is a member of the ILO's Governing Body.