Open Door to Business Feedback on Indonesia Partnership

Tuesday 21st August 2012

Joint Statement by Peter Anderson, Chief Executive Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Ian Satchwell, Australia Indonesia Business Council

Australian companies doing business in Indonesia have a real opportunity to shape future economic partnerships between the two nations, says the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC).

Speaking in Canberra following local consultations preceding next month’s formal dialogue between the Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils of both nations, Peter Anderson and Ian Satchwell said:

"The governments of Australia and Indonesia have given our respective business communities a direct role and unique opportunity to shape the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to be negotiated between our nations which have the two largest economies in the South East Asian Region.

"An Indonesia Australia Partnership Group led by AIBC, ACCI and Indonesian counterparts IABC and KADIN has been formed. Today’s meeting of Australian interests scoped the issues Australian companies need to progress to foster greater economic cooperation, trade and investment."

"This follows successful Darwin meetings in July between President Yudhoyono and Prime Minister Gillard. The founding chairman of Indonesia Business Links, Noke Kiroyan, has been appointed by the Partnership Group to oversee our joint business input to governments."

"Both AIBC and ACCI are keen to receive feedback from Australian companies about their ambition for the economic relationship, and their experience of pathways and obstacles to successful enterprise in Indonesia."

The first joint business Partnership Group meeting will be held in Sydney on 13th September, with subsequent meetings in Jakarta and Eastern Indonesia.

"Indonesia is a vital trading partner for Australia and our closest neighbor. Some 240 million people live in Indonesia. Two-way trade in goods and services is over $9 billion per year. More than 400 Australian companies operate in Indonesia, in sectors including mining, agriculture, construction, infrastructure, finance, health care, food and beverage and transport. This includes nearly a billion dollars in service related exports."

For Further Information:

Australia-Indonesia Business Council: Ian Satchwell 0404 822 492
ACCI Chief Executive: Peter Anderson 0417 264 862
ACCI Director of Trade and International Affairs: Bryan Clark 0428 645 232