Employers Welcome Fair Work Appointments

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Australia’s largest and most representative business organisation, welcomes today’s announcement of Justice Iain Ross AO, as the new President of Fair Work Australia. Justice Ross is highly credentialed and experienced.

ACCI also welcomes the appointments of new Deputy Presidents and Commissioners.

In combination, these appointments will add to the standing of the tribunal and should garner the confidence of business and employer associations.

We are confident that each of the new appointees will be more than able to exercise their new independent roles, notwithstanding their varied backgrounds.

In particular, Greg Smith, Geoff Bull and David Gregory are well known within the employer movement. Greg Smith’s promotion to Deputy President has been well deserved after a long period in the tribunal. David Gregory has been a leading and highly respected representative of employers through his national leadership roles in ACCI,and formerly in Victoria through VECCI. Geoff Bull is a well qualified and experienced business voice throughout the resource industry in his role at AMMA and on ACCI’s national Workplace Policy Committee.

ACCI also welcomes Anna Booth and Bernie Riordan to the tribunal. Anna, in particular, has worked effectively with business organisations in urging new approaches to workplace relations.

For more information:
ACCI Chief Executive:
Peter Anderson 0417 264 862

ACCI Communications Director:
David Turnbull 0419 272 802