Education & Training


ACCI Stands For:
A Skilled, Adaptable
& Productive Workforce

Where education & training enhances workforce
participation & career development & employment
is valued for its economic & social benefits

Policy Objectives:

ACCI supports education and training policies which:

  • Improve education and training as a demand driven system that is specifically aligned to
    industry needs
  • Support the allocation of government funding to education and training outcomes that
    provide incentives for employers to participate, maximise opportunities for participants
    and enhance efficiencies within the system
  • Expand the role of competitive markets in all sectors by pursuing open competition
    principles that diversify the supply of education
  • Create competitive conditions that enhance the ‘user choice’ principle
  • Promote student centred funding that allows an individual to purchase a course of study
    through the school, vocational education and training provider or university of their choice
  • Maximise education and training pathways from school to the workplace
  • Align packaging of training standards leading to a national qualification under the Australian
    Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Focus on nationally consistent outcomes and achieve standards that are comparable to
    international standards of best practice
  • Respond to the growing need for students to undertake workplace learning programs
    that develop links with industry and create pathways to further training and employment
  • Improve, and regularly test, on a nationally agreed and consistent basis, literacy and
    numeracy standards
  • Strengthen the focus on sound basics, such as literacy and numeracy, at primary school
  • Acknowledge, develop and assess in a contextual manner, employability skills
  • Improve and integrate careers education, employability skills and enterprise education
    principles into the education and training system
  • Provide the adoption of an enterprising culture, particularly by young Australians
  • Support articulation arrangements across the school, vocational education and training
    and higher education sectors
  • Promote equality of education opportunities and options for groups with special needs
  • Enhance opportunities for education providers to be trained and qualified to standards
    which are adequately benchmarked
  • Promote training reform which is enterprise focused, demand driven, flexible, mindful of
    all parties involved and devoid of extensive bureaucracy